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Dave Bentley Photography

Dave Bentley

Hi! I'm Dave, a local Phoenix photographer that specializes in portraits (headshots, seniors, models, families, and couples). I'm originally from the Commonwealth of Virginia, where I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in a small town with more cows than people. Needless to say, I'm adventurous, and a country boy at heart.

Get To Know Me:

  • I love the outdoors – camping, hiking, fishing
  • I’m a bbq aficionado, and anti tomato
  • I’ve been to 33 states, and driven cross-country twice
  • My favorite color is Red
  • Seinfeld and The Office are two of my all time favorite tv shows
  • I’m left-handed
  • I’m a whiskey/bourbon, and craft beer guy
  • One of my photos was selected as a gift for First Lady of Japan, wife of Prime Minister Shinzō Abe (see below)

Photography has always been one of my main interests and hobbies. Even as a kid, I always had a camera with me – whether it was a disposable camera (remember those things?) or a cheap 35mm camera that you could buy at the department stores. As I got older, I got my first real camera, a 35mm Canon Rebel (probably partially in part to the Andre Agassi commercials) and I was hooked.  I took my first steps into the digital world in college with a Kodak Easyshare 3.5mp camera. Since then, I’ve been a Canon shooter, recently adding a smaller Sony camera for travel when I don’t want to lug around the bigger setup.

My training and education includes photography and some darkroom courses in college. Since then it’s been a blend of being self taught – thanks to the internet, and attending various workshops, courses, and webinars by industry professionals and peers. I’ve spent countless hours watching tutorials, and just going down the rabbit hole of Youtube videos.

In 2018, my girlfriend and I made the cross-country move to the Phoenix area from Washington, D.C.  We instantly fell in love with the beauty of the landscape that Arizona has to offer, especially for photographers. This made me recapture my love of landscape photography again.

Over the course of my career as a professional freelance photographer, ​I’ve been lucky to work on some really cool projects, be selected for gallery showings, collaborate with some wonderful people, and enjoyed every single moment. My work has been featured by multiple media outlets including The Washington Post, DC Focused, Fox5 DC, ABC15 Arizona, 3TV, CBS 5 in Arizona, Fox 10 Phoenix, among others. Here’s a quick article about me on the Basic Invite blog.

Akie Abe the First Lady of Japan

My Work Presented to The First Lady of Japan

One of the coolest projects, and highest honors has been that one of my framed photos was selected to be presented as a gift to Akie Abe, the First Lady of Japan, wife of Prime Minister Shinzō Abe. (Sorry for the bad cell shot. It was sent to me from the agency)

Partial Past Client List:

  • Independent Electrical Contractors
  • Marci Thompson – author of “The P Word”
  • Miki Agrawal – author of “Do Cool Sh*t”
  • Pegues Branding Group, LLC
  • Potomac Vapor
  • Rhodeside Grill Restaurant
  • S Bellus Skincare
  • Sheri Autry Couture for New York Fashion Week
  • Society for Chemical Hazard Communication
  • Sundlof Guitars
  • T.H.A.I. Shirlington Restaurant

Awards, Published, and credited work:

My main focus isn’t shooting for publication as much anymore, but here are some past publications, blog posts, awards, etc.

  • Latent Pixel #3
  • My Belleza Magazine
  • Leonessa Magazine
  • The Latent Pixel
  • Empower, Ltd.
  • Tenebrous Magazine
  • Aspira Magazine