Make A Great First Impression With A Professional Head Shot

I always see the question….is a professional headshot really that important? In short, yes! First impressions are extremely important, and a good headshot can help differentiate you from the crowd. A good, professional headshot portrays your look, brand, age range (actors), professional occupation, and even your personality traits.

The New Business Card

In today’s digital age, a headshot is your business card. It helps companies and clients put a name with a face. Nothing is worse than going to a LinkedIn profile, or other professional bio and seeing a blank avatar (think about how ridiculous those Twitter egg photos looked). Make sure you’re giving yourself a chance to succeed from the initial contact.

How Often Should You Get A New Headshot?

It’s important to look like you. Potential clients or employers don’t want to see what you looked like seven years ago. Typically, you should get updated headshots done yearly, or for any major changes in your life. Again, making sure you have an updated, consistent look is critical (bonus: if you need profile photos for dating sites, you’ll definitely want to make sure they’re updated!)


Ok, I get it….I Need a New Headshot. Now What?


Here are a couple reminders and a few things to consider:

  • Rather than using an old photo of yourself when you were younger, get a headshot that depicts what you look like now. You don’t want to mislead your customers, regarding your age as it’s best to be honest.
  • Update your headshot when your appearance changes. Examples include if you’ve a lot of weight, undergone cosmetic dental work done to improve your look, changed your appearance (noticeable hairstyles, lasik eye surgery, etc).
  • Don’t use a bathroom selfie for your professional headshot. Again, image is everything.
  • Before your photography session, let the photographer know your preference for color background (or environment if you plan on doing it outside the studio), so they can order the right backdrops. The most popular colors are typically white or gray because of their clean and professional appearance.
  • Don’t be afraid to show a little personality. Instead of wearing a plain black or white top, opt for one with a little color. However, you’ll want to avoid patterns and designs that are distracting and bold.
  • Once you get your final images, update all of your online profiles with your new photo!

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