Personal branding is more important than ever. And, with many first impressions being made digitally, it’s vital that your brand is consistent, up to date, and professionally matches your industry. Remember, effective personal branding will help differentiate you from your competitors and help you build trust with prospective clients. To help you take charge of your own personal brand, I offer personal branding portraits in Scottsdale, Tempe, and the Phoenix metro area.

Corporate and Business Headshots

Professional HeadshotsIn the instant, digital age, you shouldn’t underestimate the value and importance of your social media profiles, and in the corporate world, you present yourself with your headshot. Your Facebook profile photo, Linkedin photo, or company website/directory portrait will define you and be the first impression a potential client will see of you. We all know how important first impressions are. It’s imperative to put your best foot forward.

Your Personal Brand

Personalized branding is similar to storytelling. A personal branding shoot is a series of photos that present you or your brand to your potential clients. This typically is done through photos, but can also include video.
Through as series of photos, this type of photoshoot usually offers a little more personality and body language, more context, and a sense of the person’s personality, and their passion. Some great usage examples include website background images, header images with negative space text, and printed materials. It gives your potential clients a little in depth look at you and your brand.
These types of shoots are great for fitness coaches, yoga instructors, musicians, artists, coaches, and professional speakers, just to name a few.. The days of just having a simple photo of yourself on your about bio page are gone. People want to connect with you faster and the right professional images can do that. Ready to build your brand with personal branding portraits in Scottsdale, Arizona? Book your personal branding shoot today.

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