Plan Your Senior Photos at the Superstition Mountains

Arizona is known for it’s beautiful landscape. This is a great benefit to living in the Valley when you’re looking for places to schedule a photo session. (Need help finding a location, check this blog post of my favorite, and best photo locations around Phoenix). Whether you’re looking for desert, cacti, red rock, or even water, Arizona has it all.  And, if you’re looking for somewhere local for a mountain view, taking your senior photos at the Superstition Mountains is one of the best options.

The Superstition Mountains

Located just about 30 minutes from downtown Phoenix, AZ are the Superstition Mountains, offering a gorgeous backdrop for photos (and home to one of the most popular hikes in the Valley, Flatiron). Access to the Superstition Mountains, or “The Supes” is accessible via Lost Dutchman State Park, and by the First Water Trailhead, just a little past the entrance to the park. Note: If you want to shoot within Lost Dutchman State Park, there is a $50 photography fee for portraits. If you’re planning a commercial shoot, or a wedding at the park, there may be separate usage fees.

When to Take Photos at the Superstition Mountains

As always, I don’t recommend trying to schedule your session during the day (especially midday) due to the bright sunlight, and depending on the time of the year, the heat.  The sun and heat can make you uncomfortable, which will show through in your photos. These are just a couple of reasons that I schedule my sessions early in the morning just after sunrise, or just before sunset in the evening.  Timing for sunset can be tricky here, as the mountains will glow a super bright yellow/orange just until the sun goes down. 

Senior Photos at the Superstition Mountains

I recently did a senior photo session for Cason at the Superstition Mountains. It was for the perfect location for him as he wanted something that spoke to Arizona, and his outdoor spirit.  We met up about an our prior to sunset, but as luck would have it, the sun was still rather high and bright.  We waited for a few minutes for the sun to drop, and talked about his plans after graduation and how his senior year was different than expected. Once the sun dropped, we went right to work and captured some perfect photos for him to showcase his senior year. Congrats Cason!

Senior Photos at Superstiton Mountains

Schedule Your Photo Session

Ready to schedule your senior photos at the Superstition Mountains? Want to take engagement or portraits at the Lost Dutchman State Park? Drop me a message below and let’s talk!  

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