Pike's Peak Farmer's Market Seattle

Street Photography in Seattle

Seattle Street Photography

Seattle has always been one of my favorite cities. Growing up, I always wanted to move there (partly because it was all the way across the country, and something completely new to me). Plus growing up as a Seahawks fan, I’ve always felt a connection to the city. And, if you’ve ever been in Seattle, you know some of the best clam chowder you’ll ever have is there (no, seriously). On this trip, I wanted to capture some of the character of the city, with some Seattle street photography.

Last week, I had a brief trip to Seattle (up and back overnight). I had some extra time in the morning, so I decided to do some Seattle street photography and walk down to Pike Place Market to take a few shots. I don’t do a lot of street photography, but I definitely found some interesting subjects, and it made me miss the gritty side of city life.

Gum Wall

I happened to stumble upon the iconic Gum Wall as well. Here are just a few shots I took on my walk. If you’re interested in prints, please click the link below to view the gallery.

Photo Gallery

Update: Here’s a gallery from my last couple of trips to Seattle. You can purchase prints of any image you see, as well as other landscape and travel photography.

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