Maternity Photos at Papago Park in Phoenix with Daniela

I always appreciate the chance to work with people multiple times, and on different photoshoots.  That was the case with Daniela. I shot with her a year or so ago, and we did some portrait photos in downtown Phoenix.  Even though we started early that day, it was still super hot. She was a trooper, and nailed every pose.  She was so great to work with. We kept in touch, and I recently noticed that she was expecting, so I reached out to her about scheduling a maternity portrait session for her in Phoenix, AZ.

We tossed around some dates and locations, and tried to plan it as close to her due date as possible. If you shoot maternity photos too early, you don’t get the beautiful, round, “baby bump”.  Check out my other blog post for more information and tips on scheduling your maternity photos.

Working around her doctor appointments, and the rest of her schedule, we were able to pick a date the week before her due date.  Sometimes this can be a little late, depending on the mother (some will be more swollen, tired, and just not up to doing a photoshoot). Dani was ready to go, and excited to shoot together again.

Scheduling Her Maternity Photos

We scheduled her maternity photos at Papago Park, in Phoenix, Arizona. Papago Park is a fun little park with several ponds, short, easy trails, and offers access and views of Hole in the Rock. It provides a few different options with water, reeds, beautiful rocks and desert vibes, and even some brick wall options.  It’s very user friendly, and accessible for anyone who may have problems walking long distances, or cannot hike strenuous areas.  

Needless to say Dani rocked her maternity photos at Papago Park.  I love how she used her modeling background to put her own personality on her poses.  As a bonus, we were treated with a beautiful sunset, and a chance to get some photos with the beautiful Arizona skies in the background.

Maternity Portrait Gallery

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