Desert Botanical Garden Senior Photos

If you’re looking for a beautiful/instaworthy location for your senior photos, The Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix is hard to beat. It’s a popular local location, and one that many people from out of town want to use and showcase the Arizona landscape.

One session that’s a perfect example was Brynn’s senior session. Brynn and her family were visiting Phoenix, AZ from Nebraska.  When it came time to take her senior photos, and she wanted something a little different and unique that would stand out from the rest of her class. The Arizona landscape is obviously much different than her hometown, so it was the perfect solution. And the fall weather is beautiful in Phoenix, so it was the perfect time for her Desert Botanical Garden senior photos.


Shooting at the Desert Botanical Garden: What To Expect

Ready to schedule your Desert Botanical Gardens senior photos? If you’re planning to have your senior photos done at the Desert Botanical Garden, make sure to check the schedule. The Garden hosts many different events and weddings throughout the year. When we schedule your session, I’ll check the calendar of events to ensure that the timing works for your preferred dates. During certain parts of the year, tickets can be more expensive, depending on the type of event they’re hosting. Ticket prices can vary, but can start at $29.95 and up.

DBG is widely popular, not just for portrait photos, but for tourists, and for locals to get out and enjoy on a nice evening. This means that some night can have large crowds that we’ll have to work around. And, during peak times of the year, don’t be surprised to see quite a few other portraits sessions happening. The most popular spot is the cacti garden exhibit at the entrance, and it may mean waiting a few moments for another photographer to finish.

Desert Botanical Garden Senior Portrait Gallery

If you haven’t been to the Desert Botanical Gardens, you should definitely check it out. It’s a beautiful little garden setting in Phoenix, offering a chance to see all the different plants that grow native in the desert. They also offer various art installations and events throughout the year, plus it makes a great backdrop for photos, like your senior photos!

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