Desert Botanical Garden Senior Photos

Desert Botanical Garden Senior Photos

Brynn's Desert Botanical Garden Senior Photos Session

Brynn and her family were visiting Phoenix, AZ from Nebraska.  It was time to take her senior photos, and she wanted something a little different and unique that would stand out from the rest of her class. The Arizona landscape is obviously much different than her hometown, so it was the perfect solution. And the fall weather is beautiful in Phoenix, so it was the perfect time for her Desert Botanical Garden senior photos.

If you haven’t been to the Desert Botanical Gardens, you should definitely check it out. It’s a beautiful little garden setting in Phoenix, offering a chance to see all the different plants that grow native in the desert. They also offer various art installations and events throughout the year, plus it makes a great backdrop for photos, like your senior photos!

I met Brynn and her mom at the entrance about an hour prior to sunset, so that could take advantage of the best lighting. Space can sometimes be tight, as its popular with visitors and photographers. The entrance offers a beautiful backdrop of Cereus hexagonus cactus, and is a must for any photo session. Walking through the gardens, you’ll find quite a few little areas that are great for portraits.

After her Desert Botanical Garden senior photos, we quickly made our way over to Papago Park and shot a few photos around the Park, and Hole in the Rock. We had just a few moments before sunset, so we had to hurry. We were rewarded with one of Arizona’s beautiful sunsets as a backdrop for her photos.  Check out a sneak peak of her senior portrait gallery below.

Desert Botanical Garden Senior Portrait Gallery

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