Anniversary Photos in Phoenix, AZ

For many couples, the last professional photos they have of themselves are from their wedding. It’s easy to keep putting off scheduling a professional portrait session as life happens – you move, start a family and have children, your career takes off, and many other things pop up. Scheduling a session for anniversary photos in Phoenix, AZ is a great gift idea for your spouse, and to update your photo album.

Catherine and Garrett recently moved to the Phoenix, Arizona area. Their anniversary was upcoming and she wanted some updated photos of them, as they too, had been putting off photos for several years.  Being new to the area but consistent visitor over the years, she wanted a location that showed off the beautiful desert vibes of their new home.

We found a location near South Mountain in Phoenix that gave her what she was looking for, but wasn’t overly crowded or looked “touristy”. Even though the desert was a little more green than usual with our recent rain, it was the perfect personal touch she was looking for.

I had a great time meeting, and shooting their portrait session. They were so much fun, as we talked about the differences from their home in Colorado, and moving to the Valley. Plus, we talked about sports, and hiking, and finding some great trails around Phoenix and Sedona.

Are You Ready To Celebrate Your Anniversary?

An anniversary photo shoot is the perfect gift idea for your spouse. It’s a great “date night” idea and gives you the chance to spend some one – on – one time without distractions of everyday life, and build memories with each other.

If you’re ready to schedule your photo session, give me a call or message me today. I’ve also got great ideas for anniversary photo locations if you’re drawing a blank, or new to the area.

Catherine and Garret's Anniversary Photo Gallery

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