Grand Canyon University Senior Photos

Grand Canyon University Senior Photos in Phoenix, AZ

Are you a graduating senior at Grand Canyon, or have a child that’s getting ready to graduate? Looking for a professional photographer to take their photos? If you’ve been searching for Grand Canyon University senior photos, you’ve come to the right place.

I had to the opportunity to shoot Janna’s senior portraits from GCU. She reached out to me after searching on Google for a photographer who specializes in college senior portraits in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We talked about a few locations, and she decided she either wanted them on campus, or in a nice setting with a desert vibe.  We settled on using GCU’s campus for her senior photos, and I selected a few locations on campus that would give her the perfect feel for her senior portraits.

As luck would have it, we had a pretty crazy storm roll through Phoenix, even though it was past monsoon season (I came to find out later that it was a hurricane that swept through the West Valley). Janna was ready to solider on, but I convinced her it was probably for the best to reschedule, especially with how hard the winds were blowing. 

We selected a new date just before her graduation, and this time opted for a desert setting instead of on campus, partially because of their visitor guidelines. 

We had beautiful weather the second time around for her Grand Canyon University senior photos. Janna had one request – to include a photo of her mom, a really touching moment to help her honor her mom.  Below are just a few of the awesome photos we got from her session.

GCU Senior Photos Gallery

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