Personal Branding Portraits Photographer in Tempe, AZ

If you run your own business, especially one that relies on your image, it’s vital to have professional personal branding portraits taken for your brand. Clients are not going to take you as seriously if you’re entire feed is selfies or blurry, crooked, uninspiring photos. 

Brianna recently reached out to set up a personal branding portrait session.  She’s a personal trainer, and very active in the fitness community. While she builds her online presence, especially on Instagram, she knew it was important to have professional personal branding portraits that showcased her as the professional she is. 

We worked on a concept to showcase a casual, welcoming attitude with a fitness vibe for her photos.  For our location, she chose a location in Tempe, AZ from a previous session as she wanted some stairwell shots. We weren’t able to get to that specific spot due to a large event, but we were able to find a secondary location that worked perfectly. We did our personal branding photography photoshoot at the Tempe Center for the Arts.  This is a perfect scene, as it offers some great environmental areas with various elements such as concrete, steel/metal, large sections of glass, and more. As with most of my photography sessions, we planned to start just before sunset, to take advantage of the best light.  We had to battle some heavy wind gusts, but in the end, we got some great personal branding portraits that Brianna was excited about, and couldn’t wait to add to her Instagram feed.

Personal Branding Photos

Here are a few selections from her personal branding portrait session.  You can follow her on Instagram at @_briannasimon_.

If you’re looking to build your brand, I can help. Message me today and let’s talk about what we can do to get some professional portraits, so that you can attract the right clients for your brand, and industry.

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