Salt River Engagement Photos

The Salt River is a gorgeous area located about 30 minutes from downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The river is one of the most popular spots in the Valley during the summer, offering a chance to cool off from from the heat while kayaking, swimming, and tubing. Once they slow/cut the water from the dam, it becomes a haven for photographers in the fall/ winter /spring for photos of all kinds, especially Salt River engagement photos. When the water flow is slowed, more of the area alongside the river is accessible to walk by. 

There are multiple areas along the Salt River that are great for engagement photos, including the recreation areas like Coon Bluff, Granite Reef, and Water Users (extra tip, sometimes you’ll even see the Wild Horses). Many of my clients like to schedule their photo session here because of the different vibe than the regular desert locations. And, the lighting just before sunset along the river can be amazing, even if there’s not a colorful sunset. Remember, use of the areas along the river require a Tonto Day Pass. These passes are about $8 and can be purchased at most gas stations, drug stores, and some rec areas. More information and where to purchase them here.

Salt River Engagement Photo Gallery

Here are just a few of the beautiful engagement photos captured during sessions along the Salt River in Arizona.

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