Papago Park Senior Photos Session for Javi

Javi’s mom Britny recently reached out to me about scheduling his senior portrait session. We discussed a few different locations and decided to stay local. Here’s a quick little recap of his Papago Park senior photos.

Javi is a track/cross country star for the Gilbert High School Tigers. We talked a bit about his events, times, and how much faster he was than me at his age (Javi would have smoked me in the 800m, lol). When his high school career is done, he’d like to continue running in college, and based on his times, I’m sure he’ll excel!

Javi had a couple different outfit ideas for his session, and we walked about Papago Park taking his senior photos, and taking advantage of the various backdrops that the park offers. It’s a great location that’s local and doesn’t require a long trip, and offers water features mountain backdrops, and a nice touch of the desert (although the cacti are a bit sparse). Being that it’s such a nice location close by, it can also be really popular, so keep that in mind as you plan.

We definitely got our steps in as we walked around to a couple different locations, and we ended his Papago Park senior photos session at the base of Hole in the Rock.  I also find a nice little ledge for Javi to climb out on, which I found out that he wasn’t super fond of heights (me either).  He was happy to climb up and on the ledge, and loved the photo.  Check out the photos below and let me know what you think (and if you’d climb out!)

Papago Park Senior Portrait Gallery

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