Cute Couples Photos in Phoenix

I get requests from alot of visitors to Phoenix, wanting to capture the desert beauty and take it home with them in their portraits. This is one of my favorite things to do, showing off the beauty of the desert and helping visitors to Arizona get exactly what they want – mountains, tall saguaros, red rocks, lots of cacti, whatever it may be.

Alexandra messaged me, looking for the same thing. She and her husband were going to be in Phoenix on a delayed honeymoon. They’d never taken professional photos before, and wanted some couples photos in Phoenix, AZ from their trip. She wanted to capture the desert, specifically the mountains and cacti, and I knew just the place.

Shooting during the summer in Arizona is always challenging as it can still have extreme heat, even late into the evening. I always make sure to take safety precautions, taking the heat into consideration. We had great weather conditions on this night, just over 100, and clouds in the sky.

During their couples photo session we talked about golf (one of their favorite hobbies to do together) sports, and what its like living in different parts of the country. I told a few bad jokes to get them smiling and relaxed, and help bring out their personalities. In the end, we captured the perfect photos that she was looking for among the beauty of Arizona.

Alexandra and Pat's Couples Photo Gallery

Below are just a few samples of the photos we got from their couples portrait session in Phoenix. Will you be visiting the Phoenix area soon, and want to schedule your own session? Message me today and let’s chat!

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