Beautiful Family Photos at Usery Mountain Park in Arizona

Family Photos At Usery Mountain Regional Park

Arizona is full of beautiful places to shoot your family portraits at (here’s a link to some helpful suggestions for the best photography locations around Phoenix!). I get a lot of inquiries from families who have family members coming from out of town, and they want to capture that desert vibe.

That was the request from this family. They had extended family visiting from Utah, and they wanted to take some family portraits together, and get some gorgeous  Arizona desert scenes, especially some saguaros. They were hoping to find a location close to the hotel they were staying at, and had dinner plans shortly after our planned session. I knew just the place.  One of my favorite locations in the East Valley, especially for getting those gorgeous desert vibes; Usery Mountain Regional Park.  This park only requires a $7 entrance fee, and has multiple trails with easy access, and don’t require a lot of hiking or elevation. It’s perfect for groups with small children, grandparents, or anyone who may have difficulty on more strenuous trails. Plus, you don’t want to get all sweaty and worn out before you get your photos taken.

I picked a couple different locations around the park, and ended our session along one of the main trials, that features some really tall saguaros.  Check out a few of their family photos at Usery Mountain Park in Arizona.

Usery Mountain Regional Park Family Photos

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