Scorpion Gulch Senior Photos in Phoenix, AZ

Scorpion Gulch at South Mountain in Phoenix, is a very popular place for photoshoots, and for good reason.  The ruins of the old Scorpion Gulch buildings make a great backdrop for senior photos. The old rock walls and window and door frames offer a unique aesthetic. Plus, just across the street, you can get some great desert vibes too! If you’re undecided on a location, check out these Scorpion Gulch senior photos!  (Or, if you’re looking for something else, check out this list of top photo locations around Phoenix).

When I schedule senior sessions, I always ask the parent or the senior about any activities/hobbies they like, and any props they want to use. I’m a big fan of using props during your senior portrait session to highlight your personality, and make the photos “yours”. Leah wanted to include some shots with her instrument the Cello, and asked if it was ok to bring her dog for a few photos.  Absolutely! I’ve done several sessions where seniors bring their pets, including cats.

I had an absolute blast with Leah and her dog Emma, a black labradoodle.  Emma was certainly spunky and had her own ideas for the photos!  Once we took a few shots with Emma, we let her go enjoy the grounds, and the horses, and finished up Leahs’ photo shoot.  Leah plans to go to community college first, then transfer to Arizona State University where she will focus her studies on Genetics, Cell, and Developmental Biology. Plus, she’ll continue to play her Cello and minor in music. She’s got a bright future!

Scorpion Gulch Senior Photos Gallery

Check out a few photos of Leah, her dog Emma, and her playing the Cello at Scorpion Gulch (yes, I made her actually play while I took photos, and it was beautiful).

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