Superstition Mountain Family Photos

Family Photos at the Superstition Mountains

If you’re looking for places to take photos around Phoenix, AZ, the Superstition Mountains offer a beautiful mountainous backdrop. This area has become one of my favorites session destinations that’s local to Phoenix.

Located just about 30-35 minutes from downtown Phoenix, Arizona, Lost Dutchman State Park offers access to some easy trails and great locations to shoot with the mountains as your backdrop. (note: the park does require a $60 permit fee for portrait photography inside the park). Lost Dutchman State Park is also home to the popular Flatiron hike, as well as camping grounds for both tents and RVs. You can also continue past Lost Dutchman State Park to Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flat.

First Water Trailhead

If you want to skip the additional fee to shoot inside the park, First Water Trailhead is a widely popular spot for Superstition Mountains family photos, located just seconds aways from the park. This area features a very small parking lot, and a trail that’s easily accessible even for those who may have mobility concerns with an almost identical view of the Superstition Mountains. This area has become increasingly popular and can get really crowded, especially on weekends during busy times of the year so make sure to plan your family portrait session accordingly.

Which of these locations is right for your family photos at the Superstition Mountains? Here’s a quick pros and cons list to help you plan your portrait session.

First Water Trailhead


  • No additional fee
  • Great view of the Superstition Mountains
  • “Cacti garden” at entrance
  • Easy access


  • Small parking lot / limited parking
  • Very popular / can be crowded
  • Driving distance

Lost Dutchman State Park


  • Lots of space
  • Easy access trails
  • Less crowded
  • Direct center views of the Superstitions


  • Additional permit fees
  • Less cacti
  • Driving distance

As you can see, both locations have their differences, but both offer beautiful views of the Superstition mountains for your next family portrait session. But, these are just 2 of the more popular areas to shoot at. There are many other areas along the road that you can pull off at for your family photos (note: please be respectful of privately owned land and sensitive areas).

Superstition Mountain Family Photos Gallery

Check out some of these beautiful family photo sessions at the Superstitions!

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